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Know Your Rights as a Tenant

Here Are Some of Your Basic Rights as a Tenant

  1. The State of California regulates when landlords are allowed to enter:
    • The landlord or the landlord's agent must give the tenant reasonable advance notice (usually at least 24 hours) in writing before entering the unit, and can enter only during normal business hours (generally, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays). The notice must state the date, approximate time, and purpose of entry. 
  2. California law states that a landlord can enter a rental unit only for the following reasons:
    • In an emergency.
    • When the tenant has moved out or has abandoned the rental unit.
    • To make necessary or agreed-upon repairs, decorations, alterations, or other improvements.
    • To show the rental unit to prospective tenants, purchasers, or lenders, to provide entry to contractors or workers who are to perform work on the unit, or to conduct an initial inspection before the end of the tenancy.
    • If a court order permits the landlord to enter.
    • If the tenant has a waterbed, to inspect the installation of the waterbed when the installation has been completed, and periodically after that to assure that the installation meets the law's requirements.
  3. Advanced written notice is not required under the following circumstances:
    • To respond to an emergency.
    • The tenant has moved out or has abandoned the rental unit.
    • The tenant is present and consent to the entry at the time of entry.
    • The tenant and landlord have agreed that the landlord will make repairs or supply services, and have agreed orally that the landlord may enter to make the repairs or supply the services. The agreement must include the date and approximate time of entry, which must be within one week of the oral agreement.  

The City of San Luis Obispo's Housing Inspection Program

The City of San Luis Obispo's Rental Housing Inspection Program is a new program that has been developed to ensure that 1 and 2 unit single family home rentals are up to code and conforming to health and safety standards. This program will begin January 2016. The program requires that all 1 and 2 unit single family home rentals are inspected once every three years. 

What Do I Need to Know About the Housing Inspection Program?

If your home is to be inspected, the city will notify the landlord that the rental will be inspected. At that point, the landlord must give you proper notice that they, along with the city inspector, will be entering the premises. The city inspector will be looking to make sure that everything is up to city code. If there are any issues, the landlord will be required to get all items up to code or they will be subject to fines. For questions or concerns please go to:


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