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For Parents & Supporters


This is a very exciting time as your student is about to make the transition to off-campus living! We understand that, as parents and supporters, you may have lots of questions about living in the San Luis Obispo Community. As a result, we have created a resource page to provide information.  However, we strongly recommend that you take the time to go through all sections of this program, not just the parent’s page, to find more detailed information. 

You may also want to encourage your student to get certified as an Educated Renter by taking the assessment.  Locating housing in San Luis Obispo can be difficult since it is such a competitive market. Cal Poly has developed relationships with the property management companies that will view our Educated Renter Certification as an asset.  While having the certificate will not guarantee housing, it is one way your student can differentiate themselves from others that are not Certified Educated Renters.

Parents and Supporters can also take an active role in helping their student make a good transition to off-campus living. Below are a few ways you can help your student through the process.

Resources for Parents and Supporters

Parent and Family Programs at Cal Poly:
Parent and Supporter Helpline: (805) 756 - 6700


During the Searching Process

How can I help my student learn to manage their budget?

What can they afford to pay every month for rent?  Will this mean that they will need to share a room with another person or can they afford to have their own room? What will their monthly expenses look like and how can they best manage their money?  

How do I make sure my student avoids being scammed?

Be sure that your student does not send money out for a rental unit they have not seen in-person.  

What should my student do once they are ready to apply for a rental property?

Most parents and supporters will be co-signers on the rental application for their student.  We strongly encourage students have everything ready to go when submitting their application and also have their application COMPLETELY filled out.  Most property managers will put incomplete applications to the bottom of the stack.  The same goes if the student is not ready to act with funds and co-signers. If you are going to be submitting the rental check on their behalf, it is always a good idea to put the address on the check.

What are some important questions for my student to ask the property management company before applying?

Your student may want consider asking the property management company the following questions:

  • Is the unit month-to-month or on a lease?
  • Is there on-site laundry?
  • Is there on-site parking?
  • What utilities are included?

How can I ensure my student's housing is in good condition?

Does the rental unit meet safety standards?  Please refer to Unsafe Housing Conditions for a list of safety conditions to watch out for. Consider talking to your student about this.

What if my student can not find a place on or off-campus?

Consider widening the radius of the search to North or South county San Luis Obispo.  Some cities you may want to consider looking in are Atascadero, Morro bay, Los Osos, Pismo Beach, Grover Beach and Arroyo Grande.  You will find that there is public transportation from these areas to Cal Poly and that information is linked.

While your Student is a Tenant

How can I help my student be a responsible renter?

Consider having discussions about safety, what it means to be a good neighbor and tenant. Building a good rental history can make it a lot easier for your student to secure housing in the future.

What if one of my student's roommates decided to move out?  Can we sublet?

You will want to have your student check with their property manager about what the policy on subletting.  If it is allowed, it would be a good idea to look into some of the pros and cons before deciding to move forward with it.  

While your Student is Vacating the Rental Unit

What steps should my student take when vacating a rental?

If your student completed a rental condition check list at the time of move-in, they should request a walk through from their landlord before vacating to have a better chance of getting their deposit back. This will give them the opportunity to fix and clean all items before vacating the rental.

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