There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home.

  —Rosalynn Carter



SLO Safe Ride:

Public transportation in the City of San Luis Obispo:

Public Transportation SLO County:
SLO Transit Information


Community Resources

Conflict Resolution:

Information on SLO City Noise Ordinance:

Office of Neighborhood Outreach:

Homeshare SLO:

Important Phone Numbers:

If you have a concern relating to your landlord or neighborhood, we recommend that you talk to your neighbor directly before you contact Office of Neighborhood Outreach. It is better to be proactive and communicate directly with your landlord or neighbor. If your concern persists, you can contact Office of Neighborhood Outreach at (805)781-7180. Below are some resources for you to contact.

Concern City Department Contact Number
Parking in yard Office of Neighborhood Outreach 781-7180
overgrown weeds Office of Neighborhood Outreach 781-7180
converted garage/
illegal occupancy
Building and Safety 781-7180
Water meter or main leaks Utilities 781-7217
Street parking violations Parking Services 781-7230
Noisy Animals County Animals Services 781-4400
Noise SLO Police Department (non-emergency) 781-7312
General Neighborhood Neighborhood Services 594-8188
Issues Code Enforcement


Inspection Rental Housing Inspection Program


Find out if there are any events in your neighborhood:

On-Campus Resources

Off-Campus Programs
Building 81 (Hillcrest) - 805.756.5841



The University does not endorse any of the above listed resources.


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