There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home.

  —Rosalynn Carter

Promoting Neighborhood Wellness

Are you a good neighbor?

Neighborhood wellness is the ability and willingness of people to see past themselves as individuals and think about how each person impacts one another collectively while living in near proximity. Good communication between residents can improve the quality and character of your neighborhood.

Become invested and get to know your neighbors! Are there any neighborhood events in your neighborhood? If so, think about attending and bring your roommate, too. If not, consider hosting a family friendly event to get to know your neighbors. Building relationships right away can help avoid problems from occurring in the future. Plus, think of all the friends you can make.

What else can you do to be a good neighbor?

  • Waste Receptacles
    1. These can be put out for collection 24 hours in advance, and must be put away, out of public view, no later than 12 hours after pickup. You can be fined by the city for not following this trash pick-up procedure.
    2. If you live in an apartment complex, find out where you can throw out trash and be sure not to overload or block dumpsters.
    3. When recycling, be sure to break down boxes. Please see the resources page for a list of what you can and can not recycle.
    4. After parties or events, pick up all trash around the property that may have been left over from the event.
    5. Weeds and lawns should be cut before growing to be more than 12 inches long. This waste should be disposed of in the appropriate receptacle.  
  • Where to park?
    Does your unit have designated parking spots? If so, great! Please let your guests know to be respectful of your neighbors designated parking spots and not to park in them. If you do not have a designated parking spot, you should know the following to avoid fines or being towed:
    1. Vehicles parked on the street longer than 72 hours may be cited and potentially towed
    2. It is illegal to block any driveway or sidewalk with your vehicle 
    3. Vehicles cannot be parked on the front lawn or outside approved parking spaces
    4. Some neighborhoods in SLO have street parking only during certain hours unless you have a permit. Make sure that you and your visitors park legally to avoid a ticket. (


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